Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fourth and Fifth Estates

Fascinating column at Poynter about the Fourth Estate and an emerging Fifth Estate.  This has everything to do with how people consume news and information today -- for good, or for ill -- since the Fifth Estate does commit occasional acts of journalism, just not necessarily in the traditional manner.

According to the column (which I encourage you to read):
The Fifth Estate includes specialized Web sites, online news providers, bloggers, aggregators, commentators and much more, a virtual buffet for consumers hungry for news and information. But for all its innovation, the Fifth Estate is still heavily dependent on content generated by the Fourth Estate.
 There's a lot more, but I hate to cut-and-paste when you can just check it out yourself.  The point is, this new, emerging, dynamic, ethically-challenged Fifth Estate may very well revolutionize how the Fourth Estate operates.  And, obviously, this will affect what people know.  And how people come to know it.

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