Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Sean Hannity Drinking Game

Want a good drinking game?  Listen to Sean Hannity's radio show every afternoon and suck down a drink every time he says "specificity."

As in: "Barack Obama wants to take candy from a baby and give it to some other, undeserving baby.  We'll get into this in more specificity on the next hour."

Won't take long for you to get a buzz.

We all have words we unconsciously overuse.  Mine is "booger."  I hear Hannity use "specificity" a lot, so it's a good option, kinda like drinking every time someone said "Hi Bob" on the old Bob Newhart Show.

Of course liberals who listen to Hannity don't need a reason to drink heavily.  And conservatives would never play such a game -- they'd be surrendering local control of their consumption.  That leaves moderates and alcoholics, who may be the same people in these partisan times.

So tune in that favorite AM radio station, get your favorite adult beverage, and get ready to listen and drink.


Oh, and I just found a better Hannity drinking game here.


Jim said...

I thought it was just me! He has got to find another big word to use in place of "specificity". I change the station when I hear him say it - daily!

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