Monday, September 14, 2009

Fifty Things the Internet Is Killing

A great list here of the 50 things the Internet is killing -- several of them knowledge related and thus providing blog fodder for a Monday morning.  Among those items to be snuffed by the Net, some of interest here are:
  • The art of polite disagreement (negative affect influences learning)
  • Memory (kinda obvious, it's importance here)
  • Authoritative reference works (who needs serious references?)
  • Respect for doctors and other professionals (journalists too?)
  • Geographical knowledge (again, obvious here)
  • Mainstream media (ditto)
You can read the story to get an explanation for all of these.  Some are obvious, like mainstream media, some less so -- like memory.  In the article they make the case for something I've blogged about before, the shift from what people know to what people can find. It's an important distinction.

Fun list, and the great thing about lists is they're even more fun to argue about.  See this story, which quotes me about why we love lists (I blame God and Moses, mostly, followed by David Letterman).

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