Friday, August 28, 2009

The Politics of "Civic Knowledge"

Everyone agrees "civic knowledge" is important. People need to understand how government works and the historical nature of our system and other systems, how they compare, the basics of structure and how just a bill on capitol hill can become law. But I can't help think there's a lot of politics involved in these calls for "civic knowledge."

Here's one from a day or so ago. According to the pullout quote:
Coalition Calls for a Renewed Focus on Western Civilization and Ethics Coursework in Texas Colleges and Universities Asks lawmakers to study the value of fostering greater civic knowledge
The Coalition for American Traditions and Ethics? Obviously I'm big on political and civic knowledge. Hell, I blog about it constantly, plus I do research in this area, but I gotta think there's just a hint of politics and "culture war" stuff going on here.

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