Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Nothing like a journal rejection to start your day, this on a manuscript so much better than a previous one the same journal had accepted with only minor revisions and quickly published. Gotta love the crapshoot that is peer review. Time to rework it then shop the thing around in hopes of finding it a good home. Already have a target in mind.

In other off-topic news, working on my Public Opinion seminar syllabus. Scouring the net for good stuff and trying to plot out my day-to-day discussion topics. It's a summer seminar that meets too many days in a week for too many hours in a day.

In yet more off-topic news, in about an hour it's Manchester United vs. Barcelona. Go Barca!

And in a final bit of off-topic, off-blog news, my data analysis on a new manuscript absolutely sucks. Not sure what to do -- toss the zillion hours of work I've put into it, or try to salvage something? It's on a topic I love (wishful thinking and predictive accuracy), but the data simply are not cooperating. Not sure what to do.


Karen Russell said...

I hope you know you just doomed Barcelona. Is that a rain cloud over your head?

Hollander said...

Bah, Barca kicked butt.