Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Kindle is Kool

Colleague Dean Krugman showed me his Kindle 2 this morning and now I suffer from serious techno envy.

Yeah, that's all well and good, but how does it fit my blog on what people know? Well, you can read magazines and newspapers on the thing, not just mysteries and SF and novels about puppies or vampires or whatever. That's the potential -- a way to keep up with the news without paper and without being stuck with a desktop or even an annoying laptop computer.

I admit $350 is too much. It's gotta come down. But here in Athens the Atlanta newspaper will soon stop delivery at my driveway, and they also happen to deliver the NYTimes. So if I want to read the Times and not do it on my computer, this has potential. The Kindle is really best for people who travel, kinda like laptops when they first came out, but I'm at home now typing on a laptop because we have no desktops in the house. Why bother? They take up valuable space, so we have wireless and laptops and can work wherever the hell we please.

With the Kindle, I can read anything I want, wherever I please. That's the potential, once they get the cost down just a smidgen. And when that happens, I hope it means news and information will once again move to the front of the bus.

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