Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Starbucks or McDonald's

The fine folks at Pew have done it again, a neat analysis of political ideology and its relationship to whether you'd rather live in a place with more Starbucks or more McDonald's.
Somewhere online I remember a map that showed the correlation of Starbucks and McDonald's franchises, but I can't find it now. But there is this, which shows the two companies taking over the world. And here's a neat one of New York broken down by locations of the two franchises.
Here's a fun line from the Pew study:
Where to start? Well, ever heard the phrase: "latte-drinking liberal"? Evidently there's something to it. Among self-described liberals, Starbucks carries the day, 46%-33%. Among conservatives, McDonald's prevails, 50%-28%. Moderates, you guessed it, fall in between: McDonald's draws 44% and Starbucks 37%.
Me? Not a huge fan of Starbucks. They over roast their coffee, and the new stuff by McDonald's is drinkable. But given the choice, I'd go against MickeyD.
But this is more than taste preference, it has a lot to do with worldviews and ideological takes and working class, upper class, latte-sipping liberalism versus working stuff practicalities. And that makes it great fun.

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