Thursday, February 5, 2009

Playing with Google

Enter "political knowledge" and you get the following at the top:
  • From Google Maps, Sierra Leone in Africa? And then a bunch of others, mostly U.S.
  • From Google Web, the Pew Research Center. No surprise there.
  • From Google News, it all depends on the day and what's happening.
  • From Google Shopping, a book I've never heard of.
  • From Google Blogs, this blog shows up in a special spot, but again otherwise it all depends.
  • From Google Scholar, a good study by Delli Carpini and Keeter.
  • From Google Video (now defunct, but YouTube), this video of a kid.
  • From Google Books, this old book. Cool.
  • From Google Finance, zero hits. That explains why I'm not making any money off this political knowledge gig.

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