Monday, January 26, 2009

Got what It Takes to be an American?

Take a version of the U.S. citizenship test, see if you pass
(fyi, I got 'em all right, even the weird one about what form you send in).


bethany said...

I didn't know the form. Many of those I wouldn't have known if I couldn't narrow down the multiple choice though. Also: Does congress really have the right to declare war? still?

Hollander said...

Well, theoretically only Congress can declare war.

I guessed on a couple, got lucky.

bethany said...

yeah, me too, like amendment numbers. Apparently 95% still gets you into the country.

John Arkwright said...

I am a 95 percenter, as well. I said the president could declare war, figuring he has most of the foreign relations and commander-in-chief powers. Guess that is a check I missed.

I just got lucky on the form, but other than that I did not guess.