Monday, December 8, 2008

SPANning the globe ...

Our friends down under will get a version of C-SPAN, called A-SPAN, according to this article which includes the funny headline: OUR newest TV channel may be the most boring.

More boring than C-SPAN? Let the contest begin!!!

So why do I mention this? Because, in theory, these kinds of direct-access networks should increase political knowledge. It's raw stuff, unedited by those pesky journalists, the perfect way for people who REALLY care to get around journalists and see or hear the news themselves. Except, let's face it, almost no one does, and especially not the media haters out there who bash away but often can't get off their couch and moan if the TV remote battery dies on 'em.

The best line:

Launching it yesterday, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said: "Political junkies will love it. They'll now have one more way to drive their family and friends absolutely mad."

And then, of course, there is the required comment about political knowledge, otherwise why else would I mention this here in my high-quality blog ...

Australian News Channel and News Limited chairman John Hartigan stressed yesterday A-SPAN would not cost taxpayers a cent. "It will become a major platform to promote political knowledge, awareness and debate in our community," he said.

Yeah, and I'd like to think C-SPAN did the same thing here, except we know better. Hopefully the wonderful folks down under will have more success.

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