Saturday, December 13, 2008


Even with fact checks on the web, on TV, on buses and billboards, the public still got bamboozled in the recent campaign, or so say well known researchers in a Newsweek article. Great analysis of Annenberg data to examine the disinforming of the American electorate. Worth the read, and a weekend special because I happen to be near a computer. There is a slight ideological/partisan tinge to the piece, a nah-nah aimed at McCain and his supporters and anyone who spread misleading info about Obama, or hell, any info that didn't paint Obama in a perfect halo, but that's just the hard news guy in me coming out.

I thought the Obama worship was over, that we'd moved on. Hell, I voted for the guy, but I'm not putting in to the pope to reward the guy with sainthood. At least not yet.

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