Monday, October 27, 2008

Socialistic Traction

Some political observers think the socialism and redistribution of the wealth arguments by McCain against Obama are gaining traction. I think so too, though probably not enough to save the GOP.

And now there's a little evidence, this from a recent Newsweek poll:
I'm going to read you a list of reasons some people say might keep them from voting for Barack Obama. As I read each one, please tell me if this is a major concern that might keep you from voting for Obama, a minor concern, or not a concern. What about [see below]?

Then follows several areas, including "socialism or redistribution of the wealth" and another that gets more at taxing small business. The results? For "socialism or redistribution of the wealth" some 35 percent view this as a "major concern." But -- taxing small business is a 40 percent "major concern," so it comes out as bigger than the socialism angle. Obviously they're related. If you look at all the results, these two stand out, and the "taxes" angle works much better in creating doubt about Obama and his proposed policies.

Tie them together in a speech, you probably have the McCain campaign's only chance late in this election season. Minds are mostly made up. What people know about these candidates is largely settled, but if McCain is lucky, he might be able to create just enough doubt in some minds and make this a closer election than it seems.

I don't see it working, but it seems the only way Republicans can keep it close. And give me a reason to stay up late.

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