Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Debates and Drinking Games

A CNN poll has Barack Obama winning last night's debate. Fifty-four percent said Obama won, 33 percent went with John McCain. If my math is right, 13 percent called it a tie. Yada yada yada.

Let's get to what really matters -- drinking games.

For the VP debate it was "maverick" as the signal to down or chug or shoot or whatever the hell it is people do, depending on what they're drinking. Last night it hit me what the right word/phrase would have been -- "my friends."

By the fifth or so time McCain used it, I realized that was the key phrase of the night. Not as good as a wink, but still it came often enough that you'd get a serious buzz if you followed through with the downing or chugging or shooting.

What did people learn, though, from last night's festivities? Obama is smooth, McCain can have his moments but seems outclassed, or out-presidentialed. They disagree on some key fundamental issues. We got to hear the same talking points again, in case you missed them in the previous debate. And we learned that the town hall format can surprise you with the quality of the questions and how well the candidates respond.


Jon-Michael said...

I've yet to watch last night's debate in its entirety; however, I think the phrase or word from the first presidential debate for a drinking game would have been:

McCain: "What Sen. Obama doesn't understand..." (said eight times in similar ways)

Close second: "Change" (Eight times, even split for the two candidates)

Surprisingly, Maverick was only mentioned twice.

Hollander said...

Someone reported yesterday that "my friends" got used 22 times in the second debate by McCain. That's a lot of drinks. But I missed the "...doesn't understand..." thing. Eight times? I can believe the "change" mentions.

I obviously need to download the text of the debates, if available, and do some searches in preparation for the third debate. Maybe we can bet on the most likely phrase before the debate.