Friday, September 5, 2008


Finally the conventions are over. McCain is no great orator, we all know that, but I thought the writing in huge chunks of his speech was mediocre and mundane and probably some other "m" words stolen out of my Thesaurus. All in all, average stuff, but the GOPers liked it and he tossed them the kind of red meat the Republican faithful love to hear: God, country, lower taxes, and the like. In that way, it succeeded.

And I can finally stop writing about convention speeches.

What I'm waiting for now is a sense of the polling, the post-convention bump, and how these candidates were able to define themselves -- and each other -- in the minds of Americans. A CBS news poll from 9/1 - 9/3 has the race a dead heat. Weird, because other recent polls have Obama ahead by 5 or 6 percentage points. I don't think we can pay much attention to any of them until we see polling done after both conventions.

Silly season is upon us. Jon Stewart kinda gets at it below.


RosenKris said...

Dr. Hollander,
What do you think of the St. Pete Times and CQ project I think it's an interesting spin on "what we know," or at least what we're being told.

(On a personal note: I took your basic newswriting class as a PR major in the mid 1990s and still consider it one of the most important of my college career. Thanks.)

Hollander said...

I love Helluva site, and I especially like the truth-a-meter.

Glad you got something out of the 3410 class. Sometimes I wonder if I'm doing any good ...

Christy Fricks said...

I loved this video. I posted it on my facebook.

Hollander said...

Yeah, it's funny ... I've seen this bit all over the Net in the last few days. Heck, someone even put it on the Horror Writers Association bulletin board.

I wonder if Karl Rove links to it on his personal page? I'm thinking -- not.