Friday, August 29, 2008

The Stadium Speech

Helluva speech delivered by Obama. I'm not a huge fan, but he did well. But I couldn't get over this observation: we may elect a motivational speaker as president.

That image of him on the stage, surrounded by two huge screens, the columns, the plants, the whole thing smacking of a motivational speaker. I could not get around that. Maybe it's just me.

I usually post political knowledge stuff but it's the silly season, so I'll have a go at McCain when he gets rolling in the GOP convention. My VP prediction for later today: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. It's the kind of quirky thing you'd expect of McCain, plus she's a woman (drawing the Hillary crowd? seems doubtful), has a compelling personal story (especially about her kid), is a social conservative (helping McCain with those folks). Anyway, she's my dark horse pick. We'll know in about three hours how wrong I was.


Hollander said...

Ack! I was right!!!

Excuse my excitement. Doesn't happen all that often so gotta enjoy it while I can.

bethany said...

good call, hollander.

Hollander said...

Sheer dumb luck. But since I'm on a roll:

Georgia 34, Georgia Southern 6

Jerry 1, Tom 0

Apple 1, Seinfeld 0

Anderson Cooper skips GOP convention for Gustav in New Orleans

Gustav hits Morgan City, La. instead