Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hillary and the Pollsters

Although my title sounds a little like the name of a mediocre rock band, and although it's misleading since this seems to be from a handful of Clintonaholics and not the senator herself, there is something going on. I'd mentioned in a post yesterday after hearing for a few days about some of these emails to pollsters wanting them to include Hillary Clinton in their presidential horserace polls.

Someone at the Huffington Post has picked up on this, which means if there is any gas in the tank it'll trickle to the big boys in a day or two.

I'd be tempted to blame this on a crazy or two out there, refusing to accept defeat. Or maybe Rush Limbaugh is behind it since he pushed Republicans to vote Hillary and keep things stirred up. There are rumors of Clinton's name being put in nomination at the convention, so this dovetails nicely with that, if you happen to be a conspiracy buff.

I'm not.

But it's fun as hell.


Karen Russell said...

No, you really are a conspiracy buff.

Hollander said...

I'm only a conspiracy buff because I know people are planning behind my back.