Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Obama and The New Yorker

I don't want to add to the silly debate over the (now infamous) New Yorker cover except to say it's an interesting case of what people know, or the fear of what people know.

Some don't like it, some do. Many wonder whether those outside New York, the unsophisticated masses, will get it. E&P has a good column touching both sides. So does the WPost. There are tons of stuff out there, from bloggers to other, and I see no need for a comprehensive list of chattering about magazine covers.

What do I think? Will Joe Sixpack glance at the cover as he's heading for the biker magazines and think, "Oh yeah, knew the guy was a Muslim"?

Nope, of course not. Even having this discussion elevates that kind of thinking higher than it deserves. It's satire. Let's move on.

And yes, it was stoopid of the Obama camp to respond as well.

It's satire. Let's move on.

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