Monday, June 9, 2008

Stripping for Knowledge

Saw this column about a MySpace application called SexyPolitics. You know ya gotta check it out, even if you don't want to admit it to family and friends. The MySpace app says:

It’s a new way to learn about politics. Answer correctly and the male/female of your choosing takes off a piece of clothing in the name of political awareness.

So what is sexy? We believe sexy is being informed. This game helps identify really sexy people as they earn points for themselves, their companies, and their schools.
The columnist, Linda Lowen, probably has it right when she asks: "How low can we go? This is too stupid for words." Then again, I never thought of political knowledge as being sexy. Who knew? Reminds me a little of Naked News. Then again, everything reminds me of Naked News.

I don't have a MySpace page so I honestly cannot check out the app and see how it works, but here's a sense of the quality -- the most popular topic at the time I checked was, and I'm not making this up and the spelling is exactly how it's posted, Obamma Musslum or Raciest you deside? If you want to read some idiotic screed (and I'm no Obama fan), then click and enjoy. More like a Moron Convention than anything else.

Election time ... the joy of watching the crazies crawl out from under their rocks.


Linda Lowen said...

Thanks for the mention and the link.

I'm on Facebook but I STILL won't try the app, though I'm told that men strip as well as women on the video, so it's not entirely sexist.

Your name, oddly enough, rang a bell...and then I realized that I'd previously read your fiction somewhere, likely a short story that wormed its way into long-term memory just enough for me to recognize your name.

Good to know that serious professors of journalism appreciate (and write fiction in the manner of) H.P. Lovecraft. He continues to be my guilty pleasure.

BTW, The Funny Man was chilling. Excellent story, and superbly told.

Hollander said...

Hey, thanks!

I'd use the app but I'm afraid I'd then expect all my political knowledge be delivered that way, and then I'd start visualizing Bill O'Reilly stripping. I'd have to switch from journalism to, I dunno, life on a deserted island...