Monday, June 2, 2008

Holiday Travels

Been on the road a week, doing the beach, visiting friends in Florida, getting sand out of places where sand should never be. We visited a lot of cafes, restaurants, hotel lobbies. Many had TVs pointed at cable news.

In all cases, it was Fox News.

Fascinating stuff, that whole chunks of middle America -- at least the parts I visited -- have Fox on all the time. I don't recall seeing CNN even once, nor MSNBC, nor any other flavor of TV news-like products. Fascinating from a "what people know" perspective given the audience of Fox tends to be less informed than the audience of CNN, of The Daily Show, of almost any print medium you can name. A lot of that is the nature not of the news itself, but of the socio-demographics drawn to the Fox forumula.

Still, after a while it kinda freaked me out. Fox does a helluva job talking about the news, but a crappy job reporting the news. I suppose that's what people want, the chatter, not hard news. Plus Fox boasts those hot talking heads who are so easy to look at.

TV -- the cheese whiz of news.

Back later this week on a more regular schedule of posting, prodding, and producing blog content. Really. Once I get the sand out.

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Double G said...

Every time I've gone to the Bojangles in Athens they have Fox News on. I've never quite understood a)why there's TVs mounted in a fast food restaurant, b)why it's always on Fox News and c)who actually watches the Fox News in the bojangles. Inquiring minds wants to know. Maybe if I start a meta-blog the Bojangles manager will discover it and provide the answers I so desperately seek? I'll have to get to work on right away!