Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Colbert and Stewart, scholars

What if Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart sat down over a few adult beverages and wrote a current events/political knowledge quiz?

What would it look like?

I suspect it would not look a lot like the infamous Pew surveys on knowledge (which are quite good, btw). I know they would not look like the NES knowledge questions, which have some coding issues I discussed in an earlier post.

Then again, maybe the list would look a lot like the Pew questions, with a focus on the nearly forgotten war in Iraq. What people know about Iraq has gone down of late, no doubt thanks to other concerns and coverage that focuses on presidential primaries and a crappy economy.

So I'm gonna let this idea sit for a day and try to come up with the kind of questions Colbert and Stewart might craft to measure knowledge about public affairs. Too bad I'm not as funny as either of them, and even worse -- I don't have a team of writers to help me.

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