Tuesday, October 16, 2007

People Know Toys

Check out the results of a Pew study results above.

People know toys.

Eighty-eight percent knew tainted food or dangerous toys were from China. And 78 percent knew the Democrats control the House.

Toys and the House of Representatives. Kinda fits together.

Frankly I am surprised 41 percent correctly identified the U.S. Sec of Defense and about a third knew a Hispanic was running for president (though I kinda like the guy).

Six percent of U.S. adults surveyed answered all 12 knowledge questions correctly. These are people who need to get a life. In the good news department, only about 1 percent could not answer any of the questions correctly. For the mathematically inclined, the average was 7 of 12 correct, with men slightly outscoring women, older respondents outscoring those irritating youngsters, and better educated people besting those with less education.

All stuff you'd expect. No surprises there.

The report is available online, for those who like to keep up with what people know.

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